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If you have problems remove, respring & reinstall.



LockPlus Pro is by far the best lock screen tweak ever on a jailbroken iOS device NOT iPads. It has a large community and over 10 thousand downloadable FREE themes.

LockPlus Pro will work on iOS9 - iOS 11.1.2 NOT iPad!

Does not require any extra tweaks!

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it. Respring device.

When on the lockscreen Swipe down (From the middle) to show the LockPlus menu. You can download themes from the menu.


Remove all previous LockPlus packages

If you are having issues not getting the menu to show delete all other LockScreen tweaks to find the issue.

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it. Respring device.

Must have weather app installed for weather. Set location services weather to always!

LockPlus Pro is not compatible with SwipeUpForLockX as when you are using SwipeUpForLock if you swipe DOWN it still locks. I've already filed this issue with the dev 6 days ago but no response. Delete it.

LockPlus Pro is not compatible with IntelliX


Themes do not need to be uploaded to be previewed on the lock screen. If you press exit (in the creator) it will take you back to your lock screen and show the changes you made. Opening the creator again will load where you left off. You can upload your theme when you think it is ready. It will then be stored there for everyone to use or you to use at a later time.

Fresh will go blank. This is how it is designed. It only shows you themes you haven't seen "fresh" you can reset this by going into LockPlus settings.

The tweak ExchangePass10 will allow you to set wallpapers in the creator when passcode is set. I don't know how this is possible but i'm looking into it. Thanks wrussell1989 for pointing this out.

Recent changes

Fix delete widgets after respring.


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