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Statusbar icon support for iOS 7+ that enables status bar icons to work in all App Store apps. This is an unofficial version of phoenix3200's libstatusbar for my personal use, compiled for iOS7, armv7 and arm64.

Buyer Beware. You can always reinstall the official version if you have problems.

Source Code patch file

Official version - Github

How to reinstall the official version

Manually download the deb file from BigBoss, press and hold on this link libstatusbar v0.9.7.0 Official, choose "copy" and then download the deb file, ether through Safari or some other method on your computer. Put the deb file on your device and open it in iFile and choose "installer."

Recent changes

0.9.8-5 - 2014/06/25

0.9.8-4 - 2014/06/24

0.9.8-3 - Unreleased

0.9.8-2 - 2014/02/20

0.9.8-1 - 2014/02/18

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