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6 Beautiful Lockscreen Widgets.

Compatible with iPhone 5/5s/6 and 6+ for iOS 6, 7 and 8!.

Compatible with GroovyLock and LockHTML 3/4.

Note1: If GroovyLock2 gives an error when clicking the icon to change the options, reinstall the Tweak and issue will be fixed.

Note 2: Since LockHTML 4 is still in beta, the changes made over the options may not work. you’ll have to do it manually with iFile.

Springtomize is recommended to change/hide different elements.

All Widgets include some options: Clock format (12h or 24h) Languages (spanish, english, german, french and italian). Temperature format (C or F). Weather location (GPS or Yahoo code). Weather update interval (the time you want in minutes).

If You want to use the GPS Weather you will need WidgetWeather2 (in Extra Settings enable myLocation).

Some Widgets Include Battery Information, so, you need InfoStats.

Thanks to Dacal for base code, modified by me. Thanks to Matchstic and Drifter for the Battery code, modified by me and thanks to you all for the support.

Dont forget to check out my other packs: JJ Lockscreens Paq, JJ Lockscreens Paq1, JJ SBHTML Paq, JJ SBHTML Paq1.

More things coming...


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