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After 4 months of hard work I'm finally happy to share Jelly with you guys. Jelly is a very unique, simple and pleasing to the eye theme with a soft color palette that was chosen very carefully by combining hundreds of colors. I chose a soft color palette because I wanted the icons to look very consistent so that they look great no matter what the color is or how the user puts them in the homescreen.

So far Jelly includes over 130+ icons, Badges, Control Center UI, Lock Sounds and 2 beautiful custom made wallpapers.

It is compatible with all iPhones on iOS 7 or iOS 8 including the iPhone 6 Plus. Also requires IconBundles to be installed.

Jelly will be updated every two/three weeks including more icons, new versions of Jelly(only glyphs) and weather widgets.

Request icons on my website:

Thank you so much for the support and don't forget to request more icons :)

Recent changes

  • Includes Messages UI, two masks Circle & Square. The widget is coming very soon, request icons here:
  • Initial release.


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