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iTongPush is an IPA app that able to install IPA apps. We used to download apps from iTunes App Store or from some other websites. Now you can install all the great apps just in your hand with iTongPush !

Unlike .deb and .pxl packages, .ipa package is installed with low privilege, which prevents the installed app from destroying core iOS components due to bugs or malicious codes.

Tap to easily download tens of thousands of apps. Pause and resume downloads anytime you want. Install any apps with ease on your hand. No more iTunes sync. No more PC connection. Keep track of all apps and tell you when updates are available. You’ll always have the latest version of every app you own.

With iTongPush, you can easily install ipa apps by tapping the attaching ipa packages in Emails and select “Open in iTongPush”. Also, you can directly download and open ipa files in Safari. No additional plugins needed. Isn’t it amazing?

Learning your taste for apps, iTongPush provides you with personal customized recommendations besides app rankings and special collections. To help iTongPush know you better, simply pull to refresh the list and “unlike” any apps as you wish. iTongPush is designed to help you discovery more wonderful apps.

iTongPush can transfer documents between the device and your PC.

iTunes File Sharing

Open “iTunes – Devices – Apps” and select iTongPush, add ipa files and then you can install apps under “Manage” of iTongPush on your device.

iTong File Sharing :

Open “iTong – Devices – Files – iTunes File Sharing”, add ipa files and then you can install apps under “Manage” of iTongPush on your device.

Wireless sharing set you free from pc connection while sharing apps with your friends. Now you can share apps with your friends in a much more convenient way via WiFi or Bluetooth connection between iPhone/iTouch/iPad.


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