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Critical Ops Cheats by caoyin for!

Hack Features:
- AimBot -> Automatically locks onto visible targets so you can shoot.
-- Adjust Y_Axis -> Adjust the coordinates where you want to the AimBot to lock on. 1.20000 is the head. 0.50000 is the feet. Mess around with the value.

--- When the crosshair locks onto the enemy, the hack will play a beeping sound. 
- Wall Hack -> See enemies through walls!
- Radar Hack -> Enemies always appear on your radar! -> Thanks to @[member=MRS14T3R]

This aimbot is more advanced than Bullet Force aimbot. Suggestions and improvements are welcomed in the posts down below.

See screenshots below for more information.
Uninstall old hacks before installing this.
Bullet Force AimBot + WallHack:
Old Critical Ops WallHack:




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