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The long wait is over.

Here you get iMX. What is iMX? it includes a black and a white icon set.

You get many different Iconomatic layouts including different masks like square. I also did some UI elements and will add more in every further step. Already included is a black ColorKeyboard, classic badges in different colors and Classic dock. In your settings you can chose a wallpaper of 36 customs walls (6 different gradients with statusbar / without statusbar/ with shelfes or without). Just check the previews on your device.

I already finished a SBHTML widget and a simple LS Both include my "real weather icon set".

You can check it on Dribbble: 1561755-Real-Weather-Icons

Recent changes

  • Added iOS8 sized icons. Maybe not all are working cause of still unknown icon names.
  • iMX - fixed and added some icons. Fixed the touch of the Touch LS widget & added the setting for weather based wallpapers. Added the activator fix (thx to @Azaleea). No need to activate the separated activator folder in wb any longer.
  • iMX - fixed and added some icons and settingsicons, fixed the SBHTML (alignment of the background layers). Added a new sick Touch Lockscreen (you will find it in LockHTML folder). Put the iMX Activator Icon on TOP of your WB to get themed!
  • Fixed and added some icons, fixed the SBHTML (full description now). !!!Put the iMX Activator Icon on TOP of your WB to get themed!!!
  • Initial release.


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