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  • * execute filesystem operations as if under user root
  • * get some information from the device ( UDID, System Name, System Version, Hardware ID)
  • * share files at path ( u can share files everywhere with one single line)
  • share text/url (integrated also option to read your text for users through UIActivity)
  • * share system files (option give u an filebrowser to select any file from the device and share it through an delegate method)
  • * export mp3 file from the DRM music file within MPMediaPickerController (method need to be called from - (void)mediaPicker: (MPMediaPickerController )mediaPicker didPickMediaItems:(MPMediaItemCollection )mediaItemCollection)
  • * use/retrive last taken image in the device camera roll.
  • - new filebrowser method ( with blocks ) [ helpful to grab any file from the device ]
  • - new method to get device UDID, SERIAL and any MobileGestalt value ( check imounbox.h )
  • - new method to g

Recent changes

fixed springboard crash on iOS 9.x.x


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