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Requires iOS 8

One of the worst feelings we associate with our devices is fear, the fear of losing our iDevices and the chance of never recovering it back. When we lock our devices down with passcodes we do this because we value our privacy. When we lose our device we don't want them rummaging through our contacts/photos/etc to find out who the device belongs to.

IfFound² now comes tightly integrated with Activator for all of its actions. Meaning you can easily trigger the window, which will then block all activity, with a text send using your friends phone. Returning from the original IfFound is the option to setup a contact number benevolent strangers can you do call you.

One new feature which many will love is the ability to trigger a stealth email via activator which sends you an email with the device GPS coordinates (if network connection exists of course).

Since it's tightly integrated with Activator, you can setup the IfFound button to trigger multiple events as well as the IfFound window.

Localized in English, Spanish and Chinese.
If you'd like to help translate do a pull request on the github page.

Options can be configured in settings.

Recent changes

Text for the call and email button is now customizable.
Added more language translations.

Added new activator event for the close button
Added the missing @3x button.
Fixed German translations.
Added new translations.

Fixed Contact Picker Crash

Added Norwegian and Turkish translation.
Fixed English string in settings.


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