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2.14/5 (7 votes).

BlackHaz3-HD a theme that you just must have if you like Dark and Class.

See info for a global overview. And of course a full review on MacCiti Forums!!

BlackHaz3-HD is based on the needs from end-users. iHaz3 did research before building the theme and so it include all requests that came in the twitterbox.

BlackHaz3-HD uses the tweaks "gridlock, iconoclasm and lockscreen" these can be found on Cydia.

BlackHaz3-HD is a huge theme, and almost all applications and all most used apps are covered by custom theme and icons.

It includes a theme for SBsettings as well and even Lockinfo has a theme option.

The widgets can all be changed to your local and personal settings

BlackWeather Widget, PictureFrame Widget, RssFeed Widget.

BlackHaz3-HD will be updated in the near futures on iOS update and UI updates, the ones that purchased the theme will get a download in their mailbox.

iHaz3 and SchmilK done their best to cover all devices as possible, if you having troubles with the theme please send us an email and you will be answered within 48 hours.

Recent changes

  • 2.3: Made it compatible for iOS7.
  • 2.2: iOS6 Overall theme, iPhone 5 System theme update, Add-ons added for iPhone 5, Settings Icons fixed, FolderBackGrounds Fixed.
  • 2.1: Added a lock screen that was missing. Added multiple UI to support iOS6. Added more custom icons.
  • 2.0: iOS Surface Update.
  • 1.9: Fully made compatible for iOS 5.1. Added: UI, 17 Settings Icons Added, Image optimized, 69 Custom Icons added, Notification Center Fully Themed including IntelliscreenX.
  • 1.7: iOS 5 support.
  • 1.4: Phone GUI, UIImages, Maps icon problem solved, Facetime GUI, Settings Icons, Weather code upgrade, Status images, Lockinfo UIImages.
  • 1.2: Added: More custom icons, new Lockinfo theme, vWallpaper upgrade, Feed Theme upgrade, weather widget upgrade, maps icon 3GS, UI images update, Safari UI update.
  • 1.1: Added: Custom icons, UI images from status bar, 3GS slider, SBSettings UI images, vWallpapers, Fontglow, Facetime icon and app.
  • 1.0: Initial release.


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