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Gleam, pronounced G- LEE- M, and the definition is shine brightly with reflected light, well polished, appear or be expressed through the brightness of an expression. Absolutely none of that is relevant to this theme, but a lot of themers like to open with that, so me too.

What started out a redesign turned into a mix of many things. But I'd like the think that the main drawing point behind this theme is consistency. Not particularly with the icons themselves or the glyphs, but with the colors. Using a select paler of gradients, everything has been made to look uniform and vibrant.

Yes sir, this is the theme that's been waiting to grab you by the lapels and tell you this is the moment you've been waiting your entire life for. The day your child is born will probably come second to the first time you've applied Gleam to your device.

Without the countless drugs and alcohols to keep myself and the Gleam minions' tenacity at peak levels, this theme would have never seen the light of day with as many goodies as it includes.

I'm very confident in my icon support. Once you apply Gleam through Winterboard, if there are icons not themed, chances are they don't deserve to be anyway. I'm kidding. Actually, if they aren't themed, chances are they will be. My limit for Gleam is the above the clouds and the theme will be frequently updated to accommodate the community's support and desire.

Gleam's initial release includes: 400+ designed icons (to be updated regularly), 3 custom high-resolution wallpapers, Status Bar UI, ClassicDock theme, Supports all devices running iOS 7!

*** To get the dock theme to work, you'll need to install ClassicDock by CoolStar & Jack. It's free on Cydia!

Thanks to all the beta testers, and special thanks to Sephyon.

If you have any questions about the theme or would like to request icons made, contact me by email through Author up above.

Recent changes


  • Fixed more app names and stuff.


  • App developers on that self-righteous sauce (fixed several app icon names).
  • Stuff.


  • Oops, forgot new Facebook icon name.


  • Fixed several unthemed icons.
  • Added about 15 icons.
  • Pngcrush to decrease the file size.
  • Stuffalo.


  • Minor Update: Fixed a few theming issues.


  • 25+ icons added.
  • Stuff and things.


  • Fixed icon mask and also separated from main bundle.
  • Game apps themed combined with main bundle.
  • Couple more alternative icons.
  • Stuff and things.


  • Added over 30 icons (more to come).
  • And stuff.


  • Fixed unthemed icons.
  • Notification center & spotlight icons.
  • Stuff.


  • Initial release.


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