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Glacier hides the background for CC modules, when on and off, as well as adding an outline to the sliders in order to allow the user to see how far left is in the slider. The backgrounds are hidden for the connectivity buttons until they are turned on as well.

The tweak is compatible with all devices on all versions of iOS 11. The reason I even bother releasing this is because it isn?t the same as the other tweak.

1. An outline is added to the sliders for user friendly control
2. The backgrounds of the connectivity modules are transparent when off
3. There is proven compatibility with tweaks such as Silo and EZCC
4. This tweak has been tested with both iPads and iPhones
5. When the modules like rotation lock or do not disturb (and whatever other modules you have that can be toggled directly from the control centre) are turned on, glacier changes the glyph colour but removes the white background, letting the unified transparency look stay unbroken


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