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Gentleman for iOS8/iOS9

Flat-Skeuo Theme

for iPad/ 6plus/6 5/s & 4s (iOS8/iOS9)

by S1lex


FIRST PURCHASE MAIN THEMEGentleman is the theme which you need. Between the flat and the skeuo he will bring you a touch of color and freshness.

Compatible ios8 / ios9 iphones and iPad. Regular updates will be made.

2 iWidgets (classic and UniaW) Modded & create by @m37h. Need WidgetWeather2 for localisation and weather (tweaks free). Compatible iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus for UniaW widget and iPhone 5/6/6Plus for classic widget.

For an optimal use, I recommend you to install Anemone. You can take advantage completely of the theme and its addons. Thank you for your support.


Thanks to Att57 for his works on docks, folders and his the participation on this theme.

Thanks to JunesiPhone for his application screenshots who allowed me to make my shots.


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