Gauss 2 (iOS 8 & 9) - 2.2 - Tweaks

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Requires iOS 8.4 or higher.
Using older iOS, try Gauss for iOS 8

Customise the appearance of iOS 8.4's redesigned Music app to replace the plain colourscheme with an assortment of blurs. Highly customisable including the ability to change tint colour, text colour, blur amount, blur saturation and blur tint.

• (Fairly) complete rewrite.
• Support for iOS 8.4
• Interactive transition from mini player to now playing.
• Optimisations, improvements.
• Fixed settings crash.
• Remove adaptive now playing (iOS 8 can naturally do this.)
• Blurred album art will be featured in a future update.


Recent changes

•Improvement: Support for 9.3.
•Improvement: Better performance in album list when sections are expanded.
•Bug fix: Crash in settings application on 9.3.
•Fixes missing playback controls in rare cases.
•Search bar text is now readable.
•Preference bundle fixes.
•General improvements.


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