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FrontPage loads html themes on your home screen. The themes can be placed above or below the icons. To apply, Go to settings, choose FrontPage and enable frontpage, and set above icons, choose open menu at the bottom. Apply Simple.



Tested on iOS 8, 9, 10, and 11


On any firmware below iOS 11 you MUST have Reduce Motion enabled in Settings/General/Accessiblity other wise FrontPage will disappear when an app is opened.


FrontPage when set to Top doesn't allow swiping of pages. This is intented behavior.

If FrontPage is set to bottom you can swipe pages by touching an icon first


Simple Theme

Simple is the base theme included in FrontPage

The ideal setup is to go into FrontPage settings. Enable FrontPage, disable Disable User Interaction, Choose Top, Hide Dock, Hide Icons, and Hide Pagedots

To change dock icons tap and hold the icon you wish to change, then select from the drawer.

You can use two finger swipe down to access FrontPage menu when no theme is selected

FrontPage themes are in /var/mobile/Library/FrontPage/

Recent changes

Fixed couple icons in drawer


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