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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
Also try, Fortune (Free)

Fortune is a feature rich client for 4chan. It features a modern UI and one of the most requested features, support for WebMs, among many others, listed below. Fortune's WebM viewer offers the ability to play WebM's with and without sound. Efforts have been made to carefully prevent WebM playback from pausing current media, as a result, WebM's will start muted and will not play back audio when the device is in silent mode.

Unlike the regular website, both mobile and desktop, the catalogue view offers the ability for the cells to be a custom height. In essence this will allow users to get a better overview of what a thread is about, this feature can be configured from settings and behaviour similar to the official site can be mimicked. Spoiler support is included inline and in the classic "web view" of the client, with the latter closer resembling official behaviour.

There are however a lot more features offered by Fortune, all of which cannot be explained in great detail. Please refer to the list below to obtain a good idea of some of the features, bear in mind this list does not outline every single feature, but summarises the more major features present throughout the application.

*Adjustable font size.
*Animated GIF support, with the ability to save to the camera roll as an animated GIF.
*Automatic thread refreshing.
*Batch or selective downloading.
*Blurring of the application switcher.
*Cache management.
*Capcode icons and formatting.
*Catalogue view with sorting by last reply date, creation date, reply count or image count.
*Colourised and formatted tripcode.
*Colourised trip codes, conforming to the regular background/text colours.
*Delete threads you created, comments will come in an update.
*Designed for iOS 8 and tested (and made compatible) with iOS 7.
*Extremely fast HTML processing (able to process >300 HTML entities in below 2 seconds on an iPhone 5S!).
*Green text and other formatting in thread view.
*Hide threads for particular boards.
*HTML view of comments, supports things like inline images, though they're particularly rare, spoilers and the "banner" HTML tag.
*Image and WebM caching to preserve data and processing power, with configurable cache life.
*Initial iPad support (in later releases the iPad will adopt it's own UI, making better use of the screen real-estate).
*Inline comments (nested comments aren't really something I consider to be viable as you can reply to multiple people in one comment).
*Link sharing.
*Localisable with a single file.
*Modal reply viewing.
*Multiple themes, including a night mode and a plain white theme.
*Option to strip metadata from photos being posted.
*Passcode with Touch ID.
*Posting capability from gallery/camera roll/clipboard URL/any website.
*Prevent pausing the currently playing media.
*Relative time stamps.
*Search catalogue/paged thread view.
*Sticky and pinned identifiers.
*Support for country flags and troll flags in /pol/.
*Thread hiding.
*Thread watcher, with configurable auto refresh interval.
*TinEye, Google Images and IQDB image analysis tools, there is kind of support for adding to this. The URLs are stored in a plist and pretty much follow the same conventions as 4chan X does.
*Tutorial outlining various features and how to use them.
*WebM support with and without audio.

Support for Fortune has been tested on and designed for iOS 8 on both iPad and iPhone (4S and 5S).

iOS 7 support has been tested and changes were made achieve compatibility on iPhone 5, however, the changes /were/ iOS 7 specific (not iPhone 5 specific), thus Fortune should work with other models.

iOS 6 support has been largely untested; it may or may not work. While efforts have been made to prevent known incompatibilities (like using blurred views on iOS 6), not all cases have been tested. Due to changes in the API, further work may need to be done in order to achieve compatibility. As of now, there are no plans for compatibility, if there is enough demand, iOS 6 compatibility may be arranged.

Support for 4chan pass is planned and should be available in an upcoming update.

Recent changes

Version: 1.4.4
*Fixed TouchID app exit glitch.
*Fixed image saving issues.
*Fixed gallery selection issues.
*Fixed some iOS 9 bugs.


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