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FIRST THINGS FIRST, this is a public beta for now! Use at your own risk and only to help with testing. Please install SemiRestore 11 / Rollectra first, so you can revert any issues that may be caused in testing. However, from what I've tested, there shouldn't be any major, performance crushing bugs.

What is this?

FlashBack is a terminal command from which you can easily backup and restore your current iOS setup. There are 5 options in its menu. Backup, Restore, Delete Backup, clear autobackups, and package backup as a deb.

What all can it do?

There are 5 main functions to the script. I'll explain them in bullets here:

  • Backup: This copies appropriate files to a new directory, the setup’s own directory, if a format that can easily by copied back over in the future. When you run this option, you will first be prompted a backup name, a username, and a description. The latter two only serve purpose if you intend to back your preferences up to a DEB to share with others.

  • Restore: View a list of available backups, and type the name of the setup you would like to restore to. When you restore to a setup, an AutoBackup is generated, in case anything goes wrong.

  • Delete: View a list of available backups, and type the name of a backup you want to be deleted.

  • Delete AutoBackups: Clears AutoBackups. Use this if your previous restore went fine.

  • Package to DEB: Compile your backup as a DEB that can be installed by other users, or for yourself if you may need to restore and want to keep your settings. Another option will present itself, asking if you would like to specify dependencies. Type ‘yes’ to view a list of all installed packages. Copy the bundle ID of tweaks that your setup relies on, and proceed to finish. It is highly recommended to specify dependencies if you are sharing your DEB.

What makes this better than past and present alternatives?

I mean to discredit nobody’s work, all contributions to the community are important in my eyes so long as they are done with good intent.

That being said, my favorite feature of FlashBack has to be the package to DEB option. Because of this option, I’m happy to announce that the repo FlashBack is hosted on will be open to submissions, once any issues are out of the way! Once I figure out a reasonable submission method, users will be able to have their automatically generated DEBs hosted on the FlashBack repo, or their own. I really look forward to helping share setups this way!

How much is it?

Free :) I just want this to be a helpful tool that the community can use to encourage new ways to explore different setups and new styles, and share with others!

Anything else I should know?

Yeah, it might be tedious, but I would really recommend that you use iCleaner Pro to delete unused tweak plists. It gets messy having so many that aren’t used.

Edit: to use it, log into the root user in a terminal window, and just type “FlashBack”


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