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Fizz is a new theme for iOS 8 that will themes all iPhones starting with the 4S, and most iPads! Please be sure to install IconBundles!

Recent changes

  • Minor fixes.
  • Fixed several apps that were broken (thanks to Reddit User IceWolfcat) and added one requested icon.
  • Fixed Issue with Tweetbot and Shazam.
  • Fixed broken icons, applied correct masks to some icons without them.
  • Deleted broken Mask files. Reverted to Original mask for the time being. Added requested icons.
  • I know that this theme is completely RAMPANT with bugs everywhere, and I wholeheartedly apologize for that. It's not fair to you guys who are supporting me. I'm trying my hardest to get these done efficiently, and get all your icons themed. Requests are my top priority after getting the theme to work perfectly, so I'm not worried about the masks and everything, I just want you guys to get your icons. I'm planning on adding settings icons and splashscreens in the future, but please be aware my holidays are coming up as well. Please don't hesitate to email me with any problems.
  • Added Both the Original and a Square Icon mask for you to use. These masks should be compatible with all iDevices that the theme can be used with. More Icons added.
  • Fixed issue with Safari icon. Fixed issue with Clock icon. Changed default mask to more squarish. Added requested icons.
  • Initial release.


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