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Requires iOS 7

Fixated is collection of tweaks aiming to control the time we spend on our devices, save battery, and have our devices be more efficient. With Fixated, you can set "break reminder"s after your screen has been on for a long (or short) period of time, skip the lock screen when your device auto-locks or when the sleep button is pressed or even all together, adjust when your device auto dims on both the lock screen and home screen (independently), adjust the auto-lock time in seconds, display low battery alerts at any percentage, and visually see how much battery you have left on your lock screen and home screen entirely (picture below shows about half screen tinted in blue representing half of the battery life remaining). More features to come upon request. I Would definitely appreciate your support by purchasing this tweak, however if you don’t have the means to, simply email or tweet me. Fixated is 7.x and arm64 compatible.

After you installing in Settings -> Fixated, all of the options can be customized.

Recent changes

-Added "Invert Battery Tint" option
-Fixed "Break Reminder" time inaccuracy.

- Added 3 stage battery color tint (Green, Yellow than Red)
- Added fullscreen wallpaper tint (tint without battery level)
- Fixed small bug

- Fixed bug for battery tint when sharing wallpaper on homescreen and lockscreen


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