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Facebook Messenger ++ - The Facebook Messenger tweak that makes Facebook Messenger easier and more convenient to use, allows photo/video downloads and sharing, and improves on the Facebook Messenger interface.


Privacy Enhancements:

  • Stealth Mode: use FB Messenger without showing up as 'Online'
  • Disable Read Receipts: Your friends are no longer notified when you read a message
  • Disable Typing Receipts: Your friends are no longer notified when you are typing a message
  • Disable FB analytics

Appearance Enhancements:

  • Show timestamp for every message in 12/24 hour formats
  • Show message source icon: add a small icon next to the message bubble which indicates if the message came from a mobile app or the web.
  • Full Screen Mode: hide status bar
  • Disable Invite to Messenger

Usage Enhancements:

  • Download/share photos and videos
  • Disable VOIP
  • Always Show Return to Facebook
  • Use iOS Activity Sheet to Share Media

**Please note Facebook Messenger ++ is not in anyway associated or affiliated with Facebook Messenger or Facebook Inc.**


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