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Hello everyone,

The days that follow, but it does not like,
After several weeks of work on this new project, I am pleased to present F1rst iPad Retina or not iOS 7.x

A glyph affixed with a beautiful development of your applications colorful concept.

A lot of buttons, docks and iconOmatics is part ...

For all application icons I invite you to contact me through my Cydia with information about the creation of this one.
I'd be happy to answer your queries.

A big thank you to my friend and sidekick for his help for icons Settings @ Stitch2k6

Recent changes

1.3 - September 9, 2014

  • Add's news name for applications
  • Add two news iconO...

1.2-a - August 29, 2014

  • Fix error
  • Add fallbacks for user 4/4S

1.1.b - August 27, 2014

  • Add New dock and news icons for Auxo.
  • Fix bug

1.1.a - August 12, 2014

  • Fix Bundles, add icons, ui's and biteSMS iconOmatic

1.1 - August 10, 2014

  • Add news icons
  • Add biteSMS for iconO and new icon0 for test
  • Add two Fallback.

1.0 - August 4, 2014

  • Initial Release


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