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So you love the Ezra2 theme, the THEME FOR A CAUSE... It can't get any better, right? -- Uh, YEAH IT CAN!!
Introducing the Ezra2 StyleWhite icon set put together by @Bacardi1985, based on the designs of popular theme artists barsoverbeats, Truckinlow, Henftling & TCcentex
This theme is for use with ios7 ONLY. Please understand that due to the drastic changes Apple made to the stock UI (and how it's displayed) the ios7 theme is an "icon theme." If you are on ios7 and don't already have it, the free tweak "iconOmatic" will enable the icon shadow seen in the screenshots. Iconomatic will also allow you to see the custom foldericons seen in the screenshots: you must make the stock ios7 foldericons transparent using Springtomize 3 (Folders/Unblurred Icon) and HiddenSettings7 (Icon Adaptive Colors/Blur Folder Icons-OFF, Color Alpha-0%, White Alpha-0%). The iconOmatic icon shadow included has the custom folder built in, so making the stock ios7 foldericons completely transparent will allow the customs to be displayed.
Theme includes 3 different custom sliders, themed progress loaders, themed JellyLock, zeppelin options and loading screens.
It's well worth the $1.99, and as always ALL money raised goes directly to the "Because of Ezra" foundation to find a cure for pediatric neuroblastoma cancer.
For more on Ezra's story and information about the theme and the foundation it supports, visit becauseofezra.org or watch the presentation given by TCcentex at Jailbreakcon New York-2013 here.
 (All money from purchases literally goes directly to the becauseofezra foundation from Cydia and is not received in whole or in part by any of the Artists who created or maintain the theme).


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