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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Exsto provide a simple and intuitive way to launch apps from within folders quickly and efficiently. A long press on a folder will pop up a radial menu around your finger containing all of the icons from within the folder. Once the Exsto menu is displayed all you have to do to launch an application is slide to it, and release your finger. Apps with pending notifications will be displayed in the Exsto Menu with a red glow.

- Option to limit the number of icons displayed
- Option to change the radius of the menu

Configure options from Settings.

For bugs/issues/features contact me on twitter @zachatrocity

Recent changes

- Fixed bug in version 1.1 that caused crashing for users.

- Fixed conflict with QuickCenter, open and close the CC once and it will work with no issues.

-Made it so that you can move the folders around the homescreen once wiggle mode is activated from a icon.


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