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Epic Cydget is a weather lock screen that pulls weather information directly from iOS, getting info exactly as it is in Notification Center and Weather.app. This may very well be the first Cydget that pulls weather from the weather.framework and successfully grabs current location to update the weather.framework.

GPS - You do not need to install any other tweaks (such as WidgetWeather, myLocation, or Lat & Long) to get GPS. Epic Cydget handles all of this and will update your weather based on which city you are in. To enable GPS, open the Weather.app and set to your current location. View settings.app/ privacy/ location services, make sure location services is enabled and the weather.app is set to always.

myLocation.txt - For users that have iWidgets installed and use the myLocation.txt, this Cydget will update this file when it updates weather. Keeping everything synced with the current location.

Languages - Currently supporting English, French, Italian, Chinese, Deutch, and Spanish. (Auto detected by the phone's language. If you want your language added please email me).

Layout - The Cydget consists of 4 tabs located at the top of the screen. There is an extra info page on Today which is accessed by touching the Last Updated text.

Weather Walls - 80+ stunning wallpapers are included with separate wallpapers for day and night conditions. The wallpaper will set to the lock screen background (instead of html) for an even more stock experience. (Animate zoom in, parallax etc still work!)

Displayed Info - Time, Temp, Lo, High, Condition, Update time (with date), feels like temp, sunrise, sunset, wind chill, wind speed, dew point, humidity, visibility, chance of rain, city, forecast for the next 14 hours, and 7 day outlook. Take a look at the screenshots

Performance - Since this Cydget pulls from an iOS framework, there is no loading external xml files from a webpage and parsing them with a large amount of javascript code. iOS handles it. This leads to a huge increase in performance compared to other lock screens. Setting the wallpaper natively also leads to faster loading as Cydget no longer has to worry about reading and writing big images to html.

This Cydget works on iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6+

My Website: http://JunesiPhone.com

Recent changes

  • 8.4 fix for weather.
  • Fixed weather not updating.
  • Added changes for 8.3 - 8.4. Added svg icons.
  • Initial release.


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