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Tested on iOS 11.3.1 - iPhone 6s Plus

What's New
Version 1.1.3 adds the ability to swap seamlessly through calls, tapping the bottom cells will cause the current call to be held and the new call to be answered.
What is Ennui?
Ennui was developed based on a concept for iOS 12, changing the call screen UI to something much nicer and more appealing.

What does Ennui bring?
Ennui has a few features as of the current version, with more to be added shortly;

  1. Accept, Hold & Decline Calls
  2. View Call Type(VoIP, WiFi and Other)
  3. View Connection Status(Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting and Disconnected)

What will Ennui feature?
Ennui will have a tonne more features, some are listed below;

  1. Display Contact Thumbnails
  2. Display Blocked or Emergency Calls
  3. Display Call Time & Date Details

and much more.
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