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The iPhone version of Enkelt Neue is available here.

Enkelt Neue, the real benchmark theme for iOS.

Enkelt for iPad, redesigned from the ground to fit perfectly in iOS 7, but still simply beautiful.

Enkelt Neue for iPad (iOS 7) is a subtle and neat theme (Enkelt means "Simple" in Swedish) designed to push iOS to a new level and bring depth back to the icons.

You won’t even notice the change from stock to Enkelt Neue for iPad because it’s made to complete the great work of Apple with iOS, not to make a radical rupture with your habits. On the other hand, once you will use and love Enkelt Neue for iPad, go back to stock will be a huge change for you.

Enkelt Neue for iPad brings uniformity and consistency over 200+ icons (from Cydia, the AppStore and obviously the native Apple apps) in your Springboard. It also brings small tweaks all over the iOS 7 UI and a whole new style in your Messages app, plus 9 stunningly beautiful wallpapers.

Enkelt Neue for iPad contains

  • 200+ custom icons
  • Small tweaks and details to the global UI
  • Custom dynamic icons (Calendar, Timer…)
  • Messages app UI (and biteSMS QC/QR)
  • 9 wallpapers
  • Compatible with many tweaks from Cydia (FlipControlCenter, ClassicDock…)
  • A Zeppelin logo
  • A PSD if you want to make your own icons
  • ...

Apply Enkelt Neue for iPad with Winterboard.

Recent changes

- iOS 7.1.x support
- New icons
- Various fixes


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