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Compatible with all iOS 10 devices. This theme requires the theming engine Anemone to function properly.

Enkel is a very flat theme, theres no shadows, only a few subtle gradients and neither any high-contrast colors. Its as simple as it should be, therefore the name enkel, which means easy or simple in Swedish. Each and every icon is designed using a special icon grid that reflects the icon mask included, with more rounded edges than what youre probably used to. This creates a soft feeling that fits perfectly with the pale colors. A lot of icons has been reworked for the iOS 10 version, and a lot of alternative icons has been added so you can choose whichever icon fits your style.

Enkel features: 400+ themed icons, 3 different settings icons, a control center theme, a statusbar, 3 wallpapers, two masks, messages UI, badges and a few other UI elements.

Here is a guide how to make the CC work.

Here is a list of is a list of icons included.

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Recent changes

  • Fixed some pathways.
  • Initial release.


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