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This package only supports iPads, both Retina & Non Retina on iOS 7 or 8. For enkel on iPhone & iPod Touch, see enkel. If you buy this, you get the iPhone version, and vice versa. IconBundles is required for this theme.


Enkel is a very flat theme, there's no shadows, no gradients and neither any outstanding colors. It's as simple as it should be, therefore the name enkel, which means easy or simple in Swedish. Each and every icon is also designed using a special icon grid that reflects the original icon mask included, with more rounded edges than what you're probably used to. Enkel for iPad (1.1) comes with:

* More than 300 themed icons
* Settings-icons
* A controlcenter theme
* Badges (Requires ThemeLib from coolstar.org/publicrepo/)
* Two masks
* An iconomatic

* Mesages UI
* Two wallpapers

* Statusbar


Here is a list of all icons included as of version 1.1. If there's any icon in this list that by any reason doesn't theme - please email me about it with the contact button above. Since I do not own an iPad everything might not work properly, and if you're experiencing any issues don't hesitate to email me. If you want to request an icon, please use the form below, and not the contact email. It will make the work much easier for me. Thank you.


A big thanks to all my beta testers, ModMyi, SaurikIT and everyone who has supported me over at /r/iOSthemes and on twitter. And of course, all of you 1200 people who so far chose to buy enkel over pirating it. Huge thanks to you!

If you by any reason can't afford a paid theme (because of something like no acces to paypal or credit card) or just don't want to pay for it, email or message me on reddit (/u/Djaovx) and we might solve it together.


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