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Elixir have been designed from the ground up using unique colors and with very beautiful details to match with every icon.I start this theme months ago and finally i can say that is ready for the world and is compatible with ios8/ios9 iphone and ipad using anemone because is base on iconbundles.

Now what this package contain: -More then 700 icons -many alt icons -lots of unique UI -docks -page dots -hide grid that you will need to apply it in order to can use the folders -ANEMFolders -3 zeppelin logos -2 badges -1 ANEMONEffect all this are inside this package and all will be installed on anemone.

Credits:JazzmanUK,MamaJaay,NewD and all the ppl who was part of the beta program.

For more info,questions or requests please go to the link and read the first post or email me.

Thank you all and i hope you will enjoy using Elixir.

Recent changes

  • Add a few more icons.
  • Add more icons, i take out the phone keypad and i add it as an separate package for ios8,9 sins on ios10 it doesn't theme at least you wont get those 2 buttons themed only as look ugly.
  • Add more icons, add more UI.
  • Add more ui, changed some icons i forgot to change on first update.
  • iOS 10 compatible, add some new icons, also take in count that some thing my still be broken because apple changed many things and still anemone need more support for ios 10.
  • Initial release.


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