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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 & iOS 9.

I present to you my new theme Elisya for iPad!

Elisya, a gradient theme what will catch your eyes and you will be conquered by it at the first sight!

The theme is easy, soft and pretty but it does not forget to be elegance, well-defined and stylish!

It presents great things like wallpapers, nice UI and more than 300 icons themed following the arts wave in its completeness!

Please give a try to Elisya, you will not be disappointed, it is a promise!

Elisya, a female and graceful but definite mode of interpreting the reality!

Compatible with Anemone & Winterboard.

Note: If using Winterboard you will need IconBundles.

Thanks to @CydiaGeek for helping me with creating theme. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.


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