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ELE7EN- The Unforgiven Theme

It has been such a long time, 2 years more or less that I have not been around. Going through iOS5-6 and now iOS7 Many things have changed! Many ppl has left, yet many have come to this community.

First and foremost I would like to take this chance to say thanks to all the MMi friends who have been always supporting me, old or new, I’m still grateful to know you guys!

Who have known me for long time, this is my 11th theme. My skill can’t be compared to many Master themers in this community, but I still hope I could contribute a small brick, so we can together building up this iOS theme-ing community towards a stronger and friendlier community! A place that we could always stop by beside that busy-stressful real life :)

*** Features: Auto-create Icons, Iconomatic Icon mask, 100+ Handmade icons and counting, Full Settings Icons (defaults & Cydia), Full Statusbar- Control Center - Springboard, Full UIImages (whatever we could theme in iOS 7), Groovy Lock, SBHTML mod, Color Mods, And more!!!

*** NOTE: Tweaks that I am using to make this theme most complete (this is personal, I do not mean which tweak is better than another), Iconomatic (compulsory), Eclipse: for a dark UI, which suit the theme much better, CustomFolderIcons: To replace those annoying plain folder icons, GroovyLock: for LS mods, SBHTML: for SB mods, Springtomize 3: Many things we could to with this useful tweak, including hiding that stupid page dots or hiding the Lockscreen lock & Slide to unlock. CustomLS: a great free tweak, Zeppelin: Custom Carrier logo, ClassicBadges: to have custom SB Icon badge.

Recent changes


  • New Settings icons.
  • New UI Loading Gears (UIActivity).
  • New ColorKeyboard (coded), minor changes.


  • biteSMS theme, additional Settings icons, Calculator is now themed, other minor adjustmens.


  • Fixes.


  • Initial release.


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