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Compatible with iOS 10.1+

Edgify is a UI tweak that implements sleek and elegant animations for lockscreen notifications. Edgify is both inspired by the Samsung S8 style notifications and the community feature requests.
Here is a comprehensive list of the features implemented by Edgify, along with a video and screenshots detailing the animations:

Available Animations:
- Rotation: Inspired by the S8. Two coloured lines run counterclockwise along the screen borders when a notification is received.
- Rectangle: A coloured line flashes all around the screen when a notification is received.

Animation Settings:
- Animation Speed: Determines the speed of the two lines in Rotation or the speed of the flashes in Rectangle.
- Animation Duration: Determines how long the animation will play when a notification is received.
- Animation Line Thickness: Determines the thickness of the animation line(s).
- Animation Preview: Live preview directly inside the settings app, to get the perfect setup.

Color Settings:
- Color Picker: Pick your own color for the animation line(s).

Special Features:
- Rounded corners: A switch is available to toggle and set rounded corners in the lockscreen, plus a slider to set the corners' radius.
- Notification color: The animations fetches the color from the notification app's icon. The color dynamically changes if more notifications from different apps are received in succession.


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