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Compatible with iOS 9

EasyClear - New ways to clear badges/notifications!

This tweak adds three new ways to clear badges/notifications for individual apps or your entire device altogether.
1: A custom 3D menu action is inserted into the menus of apps that have notifications. The action clears badges and/or notifications of the app the menu was activated from.
2: A "Clear All Notifications" view is added to the Notification Center. This stunning view is triggered via a long press in the NC. It fades in a circular button to clear all the badges and notifications present on your device. It will give your home screen a clear look and freshen up your device.
3: Double-tapping on the header of a group of notifications in the NC or a lock screen notification will bring up an alert to remove the badge and/or notifications for just that specific app.

EasyClear is a diverse, flexible tweak with many options. In my experience, it greatly increases my work flow. I can get through my notifications faster by removing the ones I no longer need in more quicker and efficient ways.

Options for this tweak are:
- Add the custom 3D menu action
- Choose to remove badges and/or notifications
- Enable the 3D menus for unsupported devices

- Add the custom "Clear All Notifications" view
- Choose to remove badges and/or notifications
- Trigger the view when swiping up on the home and/or lock screen
- Vibrate when the view is finished clearing your devices notifications
- Choose a duration for the animation when the view fades in and out
- Choose an Activator action to trigger the view, although there is no dependency on Activator

- Add the double tap to clear specific app's badges and/or notifications- Choose to remove badges and/or notifications

Finally, this tweak is paid because of the huge amount of hard work it took to reverse-engineer the badges and notifications system, as well as the Notification Center.

Please do not hesitate to email me with questions. Thank you for your support, enjoy.

Recent changes

Fixed issues that caused safe mode. Thanks for all the support!


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