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This is a Iwidget Clock for you to use with the theme East Meets West. (you will of course, need to have the "Iwidgets" tweek installed) A widget that will ofer you a choice of three clock faces, at 4 different sizes! An uber big one for our uber Ipads! a 6+ size that is pretty sweet and actually not so big, a size 6 for those who like a more patite version (or have an Iphone 6) and "none" ...which really isn't a size, but I suppose a lack of a size...sorta on the smallish side.


...anyway....I'm rambeling...


I'd like to thank King Brian, and Marty McFly for creating this Clock for me to use in my themes. I love it (as I'm sure you will too) Thanks Guys!!!


Please enjoy and have fun!

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1 - August 26, 2016
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