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Introducing Dots!

Add a pulsing, color matched notification dot to your iPhone lockscreen! Works best on the iPhone X!

Compatible with iOS10 -> iOS 11.3.1

Settings and Features

  • Change the size of the dot and the pulse easily via the slider!
  • Enable always on to enjoy the dotted life!
  • Number of Pulses increase based on notification count (max 5 pulses)
  • Enable/Disable
  • Enjoy the parallax header!

link to video: Same one as upcoming post


(for devs only) To add your content when dots shows, use these headers:

@interface HaloController : NSObject@property(nonatomic, retain) UIWindow *window;+ (instancetype)sharedInstance;@end


UIWindow *window = [%c(HaloController) sharedInstance].window;

Once you grab the window, add whatever you want to it.

Slip into my DMs for questions/suggestions: [email protected]
Follow me on twitter for updates: @Shyam_Lad
Hand Crafted, Organic, Cruelty-Free by: Shyam Lad & David Goldman
Please note: We are NOT part of the ioscreatix team

Recent changes

Fixed inCall dots bug, Dots do not show while in call anymore.


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