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Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Dock+: Drag&drop the dock in any apps. A multi-tasking tweak inspired by iOS 11, but more than it.

⚠️Try the tweak before purchasing please!

If you want to try,use other tool to download it or ask me for free copied (With E-mail).
If you have no PayPal/AliPay account, you can ask me for free copied. (E-mail)
If you have Dock+ For iPad installed on your other devices and want to download the iPhone version, you can ask me for free copied. (E-mail)

Support 5 icons with 4.7'&5.5' device.

Dock + Gesture
You can launch Dock+ with gesture. After recognizing gesture, Dock+ will show on the bottom of screen.

Dock + App
Tap the app in Dock+ will launch the app directly.
Tap folder icon in Dock+ will show you the apps in folder, you can scroll between apps.
Long press the app, even the apps in folders, after the window appearing, Dock+ will host the app in this window.

Dock + Window
There are four buttons on the windows of Dock+.
Red Button: close the window.
Yellow button: reduce the alpha of the window.
Green button: launch the app in full screen mode.
Arrow button: tap the button, than you can pinch to scale the window.

Requires Activator

Configure options from Settings.


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