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3.38/5 (13 votes).

Stunning Lockscreen to use with Cydgets.

Destini is filled with options such as giving you the ability to remove the status bar, show notifications on the lockscreen (in text), Set dim delay up to 1 minute, Blur wallpapers, use tap to unlock, and much more.

Main settings are located in the While quick settings are located on the lockscreen itself.

Supports Parallax, Dynamic walls and settings set wallpaper.

Includes 24 wallpapers that you can customize blur effect (5 different blurs), Shows Time, Date(when time is pressed), Weather icon, Temp, FeelsLike temp, City, Weather description, Tap to unlock(custom text even emoji), and unread mail and sms numbers.

If passcode is set tap to unlock will show the keypad, it does not bypass passcode.

Visit For more Themes, iWidgets, GroovyLocks, and Cydgets.

Quotes from current users: "This is how Apple should have designed the lockscreen" -OtisHuff.

"Wow... It's an entirely new ball game ladies and gentlemen. The evolution is happening."-Slate004.

"Love my iPhone thanks June as always nothing but the best" -Chula.

"very cool, each new customizable LS you make is better than the last" - Sephiroth726.

For more visit the hash tag #DestiniCydget on Twitter.



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