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Stunning lock screen weather cydget. Destini has many options to customize its look. You can use white or black text, font included or a font set from Bytafont, blur wallpaper, kph/mph, 24hr/12hr, pad time with a zero, adjust weather refresh time, and show/hide next day buttons, and overlay.

Features full GPS weather which updates as you travel. Weather info is pulled from the iOS weather framework, 5 day forecast, weather icon (white and black), city, time, date, feels like temp, low, visibility, humidity, dew point, wind, windchill, sunset, sunrise, and chance of rain.

Supported Languages: English, Italian, Czech, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+

Instructions: When installed this package adds an extra icon to the which holds Destini 8's preferences. To retrieve weather make sure location services is on, is checked and is set to your current location. To load the lockscreen select Destini 8.cydget within Cydgets.

Tweaks I recommend to use with this cydget. NoLockBounce, Lock Screen Tools, ClearLockNotifications, LockGlyph, and NoStatusbar.

This is a free upgrade for anyone who previously purchased Destini for iOS7. The entire lock screen was created again from scratch adding more features and better weather integration. I enjoyed making this and hope you enjoy using it.

Recent changes

  • Fixed bytafont option.
  • 8.4 fix for weather.
  • Update for 8.3 - 8.4.
  • Added Tap to unlock with ability to change text. Added Lockscreen Sounds.
  • Added Dutch Language (thanks to Mischa). Added am/pm toggle. Added blur adjustment for wallpaper (feature requested by @st3phen_J). Fixed LS not showing weather after respring.
  • Initial release.


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