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Today I like to show you all my new and most detailed theme! The idea was to bring something new and different to the iOS. I saw many flat themes, and from what I remembered when iOS7 was released, so many were crying about those flat ugly icons that Apple made! I never really liked the flat look and for that reason I bring to you the new look for the iOS! The work of almost 3 months! I made these icons to get them to the way I like. Every icon has their own details and overlay that make these icons look so awesome!for now will support i4, 4s, i5, 5c, 5c and ipods on ios7.

What you get: the most complete UI set, 2 different sets of icons, 2LS widgets, 4 SB widgets, 2 cccontrols themes, MagicBadges, BiteSms theme, ColorKeyboard, TouchBar theme, iconomatic themes for both sets of icons, CustomCover, more then 400 custom icons, loading screens i4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, OpenNotifier icons, Zepeplin logo, FolderIcons, more to come.

I like to thank all the creators for the awesome widgets that have been use into this theme also to all those who support me till now and to all my friends.

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