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Delphi Search Launcher is the perfect animated Google pixel search widget for your home screen.

Twitter: @SPQRGuyMontag

Animated Google search launcher with voice search capability.

Choose between Siri, Google, or Cortana.

Touch the pixel launch icon and start typing your search query right away!

Try this widget to see the difference and if you don’t like it just click ‘refund’ in Cydia to get your money back!


JunesiPhone for inspiration, help and code.

FAQ: How do I use this widget? - install the free tweak iWidgets and long press on your home screen - alternatively, use Xen HTML to use this tweak

What theme/ tweak/ etc. did you use in your screenshots? - Android Solid - Cell & Wifi Signal - Alkaline Battery KitKats - Opennotifier9 - tat - Moveable9.

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