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Xarold Repository
3.50/5 (4 votes).

Compatible with iOS 6.x & 7.x (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
Not compatible with iOS 4 / 5

Did you ever come across the situation where you accidentally tapped a Notification Banner and it threw you out of your current app to open the other one?

Use this tweak to prevent such situations and take full control over your Notification Banner Actions!

- Assign Actions to Notification Banner Gestures (example: Tap a Banner to dismiss it, Pan down a Banner to read out the Notification)
- Get rid of all Notification Banners (+ improved Do Not Disturb feature) - perfect for gaming!
- Read out your Notifications!
- Disable Banner AutoDismiss / AutoReplace
- Fixed earlier bugs from beta (0.1)
- Every feature can be enabled / disabled individually! + there is a "Enable globally"-switch (quickly turn tweak on/off - no need to respring!)

Hope you like it =)

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

- Fixed incompatibility issues with several Quick Reply tweaks
- Added an option to disable Banner scrolling
- Added Banner text override options
- Improved / reordered Preference pane

Known issue: The pink elephants behind the SpringBoard icons won't go away. If you're an elephant expert, email me please.


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