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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Not compatible with iPads

CustomLS2 for iOS 8 and 9!

The second version of CustomLS comes fully updated for iOS 8, and comes with new features.

features include:
•Changing the background colour of the passcode buttons, including transparency, and a wide range of colours

•Adding extra text beneath the lockscreen clock where the date is normally shown. You are also given the option to change the text colour.

•Adding extra text beneath the slide to unlock text

•Changing the slide to unlock text

•Hiding items on the lockscreen such as:
• Camera Grabber
• Notification Centre Grabber & Control Centre Grabber
• Slide to unlock text
• Clock

• Changing the size of the lockscreen clock and relocating it to the top left of the screen, this makes the wallpaper more visible and creates a cleaner look. You can also change the font between and white and black so it contrasts your wallpaper.

Configure options from Settings.


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