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iOS Blocks is a widget-like system for iOS. It was originally designed by Jay Machalani for a project called "Pushing iOS", a more detailed explanation of the project can be found here. iOS Blocks was originally developed largely by Matt Clarke with a few others, after about a year and a half the project got tiring so it was open-sourced in the hopes that a future developer would finish the project. In 2016 a tweak development team called Creatix picked up the project and is working on bringing it to completition. iOS Blocks is currently aiming to support iOS 7 - 9.3.3 on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.


This software is provided AS IS.

Creatix is not responsible and/or liable for any malfunctions, bugs, quirks, or weirdness that this software causes. We will not be required to respond to any inquires regarding this product or anything that it has done/caused.
Basically you proceed at your own risk.
How do I open a block? 
You pinch on a icon to open it's corresponding block.
How do I launch a app if it's expanded into a block? 
You simply tap the icon/glyph in the bottom left corner
Why can't I see that one cool block that was featured in one of the demo videos?
We have not bundled all the blocks in the beta because the beta is meant to get rid of all the bugs in the core of iOS Blocks, not the actual blocks themselves which are much less prone to bugs.
I will do anything to get that cool block, just tell me what I have to do.
You need to wait until iOS Blocks is released officially or until we decide to release the block. If that doesn't work then we don't know what to tell you sorry :(

Recent changes


  • Added RTL Support for rearranging blocks
  • Added RTL Support for opening a block's app
  • Added RTL Support for Icon Label Position
  • Added RTL Support for Badge Position
  • Added RTL Support for Notifications Table
  • Added RTL Support for Music Block Buttons
  • Added Kaze Tweak Compatability
  • Added Mostly Complete Apex Compatability
  • Added 3D Switcher Compatability
  • Fixed Notifications Table Scrollbar Overl


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