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ComicSans Theme
ComicSans is a beautiful theme for anemone and all i devices with IOS 7 and above!
Don´t forget to review my theme :)
You want to test it before you buy it? Just search for: ComicSans Trial
This theme includes:

  • over 180 themed apps each with black and white rings
  • alternative logos for some apps, just tap on one app inside the wiggle mode (youtube, netflix, cydia, google maps and anemone)
  • icon mask for unthemed applications
  • full themed preference icons with black and white rings
  • one static respring logo
  • one animated respring logo (you have to uninstall "makerespringsgreatagain" to use this)
  • themes for "Fingal" (so you can let your settings icon spin)
  • "PreferenceOrganizer" "Tweaks" icon
  • icons for "KillBackground"
  • 3D effect for the ios toggle switch
  • optimized icon for "SpinSettings"
  • 2 "LockGlyph" designs

Note: The darkmode from the screenshots is not included!
After activating the theme it is recommendet to run "uicache" via terminal and to respring your device.
For icon requests feel free to mail me the app you want, your appstore location and your packix id: [email protected]
You can also follow me at twitter: @rio_doro
And can add my personal repo to cydia:

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