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Compatibility: All Devices
iOS 6 - 11

CSources2 is a Cydia Sources Manager that allows full control over your sources.

? Add as many sources as you want.
? Disable/Enable or delete them.
? Add notes.
? Check if Source is active.
? Package details.
? Import cydia.list, ????.list file , Web Link.
? Backup Sources via iTune , iCloud , Manually.
? Sync between Devices.
? Auto List feature & More
Full Docs : CSources2 Blog

Reporting Bugs:
Please review all notes and documentation before contacting the developer. Contact Dev via: In-App.

NO support for iOS 7 and below.
Support for iOS 7 and below no longer addressed via Developer. CSources2 will work for its basic function of On & Off, all other extras are just features and developer does not have the time to address any issues below iOS 8. Review the CSources2 Blog link above for Possible Crash Fix(s).
Don't Forget To Backup!!!


Recent changes

Chinese Localizations.
Auto Lists update.
Enhancements / Improvements.

Main List can be sorted (beta).
Support for repositories in which the Origin &/or Label begins with @ symbol.
Delete repo bug.
Enhancements / Improvements.

iOS 10.2.1 Ready.
iPhone 7, 7+ Support.
Add A Source - improvements.
Auto Lists - Increased max list to 30.
Deleting a repo bug fix.
Package count added to default view.
Set as : New/Favorite/Dead - bug fix.
Additional info added to Info View. (beta)
Follow last repository (settings).
Search= Quick Keyboard.
Refresh All - bug fixes.
Refresh All - speed improvements.
Malformed Line Corrections.
Duplicate Sources in Cydia via CSources2 source toggled on, now reports that the source is a duplicate and will not update Cydia with that source.
Import Friend - Ability to choose sources to import.
Info View - bug fix. Not able to open.
Address install error...
and a few more....
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