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Compatible with iOS 9

Crypto is a tweak for iOS that allows you to encrypt any text with a 256-bit algorithm, military, and scrambles any text into any application! Simply select the written text and use its new shares of ActionMenu "Crypto" and "Decrypto" to encrypt and decrypt text with one click! The text will be replaced with the original in any application, in any text field in which you write!

Also allows you to encrypt the already existing WhatsApp CHAT, simply double click on the cloud the message to encrypt it is a long to decrypt!

Even if someone will take your device can not decrypt the messages because they have to enter a password to decrypt it'll set you from the tweak settings and that only you will know!

To save your password Crypto does not use the iOS default method but also encrypts the password with the same high pace before being saved in the device so you're 100% sure no one will ever decipher messages written with Crypto except you! No one can read your conversations WhatsApp if you do not want :)

The encrypted texts can be changed at any any chat app will always indecipherable common eye as an example a simple "hello" will be read like this: 2xaV2hWImvIExkkKAInG3w==

Also in the next update on the App iOS Messages!

Video Tutorial:

Recent changes

Now Crypto can encrypt WhatsApp chat !! as you double-click in The message to encrypt and long press to decrypt !


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