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Covert — adjective; concealed; not easily noticed or seen. people are usually soo busy with every day life that few take the time to slow down and enjoy the fine detailed beauty that is all around us. ladies and gentleman, I present to you not only just an icon theme for your everyday ldevice, but the fine detail and beauty that goes into the simple things on your screen so that you may slow down from the fast pace society and enjoy the finer things in life. Covert is sleek and unique and I know you will enjoy it just as much as i enjoyed making it :) I will be updating this theme often as i have a lot of nifty planed ideas for the next update;) if you have any questions or even have an icon in mind that youd like to see the finer beauty in, shoot me an emaill. Please dont pirate this or any theme. a lot really goes into making art. and i will be hosting give aways as well once again thank you for your support:).

Email: adamsadrian@ymai|.com.

Utilizes Icon Bundles* Anemone Support :)


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