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Optional light-weight Widgets for CORE




This is a free add-on for the theme CORE. You need the main theme use it. 

It installs a all-in-one widget with your own avatar/picture/photo for iPhone 5/iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus for use with iWidgets or LockHTML3/4 (see preview)


Supporting the following languages: English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Danish


Want to know more about CORE ? Please search for CORE at Cydia or take a look at Cydia’s Featured Themes.


> For iWidget long press on your screen, choose the widget for your device and make the setup at the menu  

> For your Lockscreen enable this Widget from Settings/LockHTML3-4/Choose Widget

> Replace the stock picture at User/Library/iWidgets/CORE Portrait iWidget…/Images/You.png.  


(c) 2015 by Blue and arthouse company, Germany


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