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Compatible with iOS 7

Don't you hate when people read your conversations? Do you talk about private things, or are just planning a surprise birthday party? Then this is the tweak for you!

Instead of simply locking the Messages app, you can lock individual conversations, but that's not even the best part! This applies to Kik, and WhatsApp as well as the default Messages application! You can have full privacy over what you say to people.

Additionally, you can hide the last text in each conversation. You can select all conversations, only locked conversations, or none at all.

Is that not enough for you? If locking the conversations is too suspicious, you can full out hide them! Add people to your hide list, and their conversation won't show up (until you activate an Activator gesture, or toggle a switch in Settings).

Lastly, the settings are protected, so people can't just waltz right in and take off your lock.

Not convinced how awesome it is? Try it out!

Coming Soon:
* Touch ID Unlocking
* Any suggestions? Shoot me an email.

Note: The passwords are encrypted. The next time you open the settings pane, after you type in your passwords and press "Save", the passwords will be displayed in the text fields much longer then they actually are. Do not worry.

Configure options from Settings.


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