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Compatible with iOS 6 onwards


(I'm currently in exam season, which is why progress is slow.)


It's time for a bold new direction.


Convergance is a complete lockscreen replacement for iPhone and iPod Touch.


It brings a new paradigm to unlock your device, an uncluttered way of dealing with lockscreen notifications, accessible settings shortcuts, interactive widgets, and a rejuvenated design.


Main screenshot




iOS provides access to information such as the weather, but there shouldn't be a need to unlock your device to view it. Convergance takes this information, and displays it directly on your lockscreen in the form of widgets. A crisp RSS reader, your calendar, and the week's weather are all provided as default widgets, with more being available in Cydia.




Convergance also features it's own built-in theming engine, allowing you to fully personalise your experience. Do you prefer even more minimalistic design? It's catered for. Further themes can be easily created, and switched between without restarting iPhone.




Support for HTML lockscreens is also built in, allowing you to continue using the custom lockscreens you love, and to tailor Convergance to your tastes. Any lockscreen from GroovyLock, LockHTML or Cydget will run without any modification, with full support for interactivity. A lockscreen dim delay is also provided in the Advanced settings.




Convergance provides multiple APIs for both HTML/JS and Objective-C developers to use. For HTML/JS developers, the selection of widgets can be easily extended, as Convergance will allow you to load up your HTML into a widget.


For Objective-C developers, two APIs are provided – one for creating further widgets, and another for modifying Convergance at runtime, which the latter being the more interesting one. Access to all the views used within Convergance is provided to add in your own interface, along with helper methods such as opening the passcode interface if enabled.


All documentation can be found at



Design doesn't just run skin deep. It's the way something works. It's the way you interact with something.


Sometimes, design must evolve. It needs to take a new direction.


This is that new direction.


Please note that iPad will be supported later in a separate package.


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